Cebuano News: DSWD mopahigayon og “search for Pantawid Pamilyang exemplary child”

By Leandria Pagunsan

Mopahigayon ang buhatan sa Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) sa Negros Oriental sa usa  ka search for “Pantawid Pamilyang Pilipino exemplary child” alang sa tuig 2018.

Matud ni Asela Bella Tse, Provincial Link sa Negros Oriental ipahigayon sa mga hurado ang field validation sa north sub-cluster nga lungsod sa La Libertad, Manjuyod ug Mabinay karon’g Hulyo 18.

Ang field validation sumala ni Tse himoon aron makab-ot ang “quality judging,” sa ipahigayon nga kompetisyon.

Samtang ang field validation sa south sub-cluster nga kalungsuran ipahigayon karong Hulyo 20.

Ang final judging ug scoring gitakda karong July 24 sa dakbayan sa Dumaguete sumala ni Tse.


Cebuano News: SSS: SSIT alang sa mas sayun na SSS access

By PIA-7

Aron mapadali ang pagamit sa mga accounts, ang mga myembro sa Social Security System (SSS), mahimong nang mogamit sa Self-Service Information Terminal (SSIT), segun pa sa mga tinugyanan sa SSS.

Mahimong gamiton sa mga myembro sa SSS ang SSIT nga nahimutang sa mga SSS branches sa tibouk-nasud, alang sa pagsusi sa mga contributions, loans, benefits ug ID information.

Mamahimo usab gamiton sa mga myembro ang SSIT alang sa mga mosunod nga serbisyo: UMID card activation, salary loan application, maternity notification(para sa mga self-employed ug boluntaryong myembro), SSS Web registration, technical retirement application, Annual Confirmation of Pensioners (ACOP), pag-usab sa contact information (alang sa mga retiree-pensioners), ug alang sa mga dugang pangutana ug komento.

Dugang pa, makasulod sa SSS website ug SSS Citizen’s Charter pinaagi sa maong terminal.

Hinuon, nagkinahanglan og SSS ID o UMID card ug fingerprint matching aron magamit ang SSIT.

Mamahimo usab mag-imprinta og acknowledgement receipts ang mga myembro sa ilang matag transaksyon, pinaagi niini.

200 volunteers plant 3K native trees in NegOr

By Jennifer C. Tilos

EDC employee Geliah Taboco planted a balete tree with her son, Kian, to teach him the value of caring for the environment. (FA/PIA7-NegOr)

Over 200 volunteers from Energy Development Corporation (EDC) and its partners for a Greener Negros movement (10M in 10) celebrated BINHI and Arbor Day by planting 3,000 native tree seedlings at Brgy. Calabnugan, Sibulan, Negros Oriental.

EDC and its current and potential 10M in 10 partners planted balite, tabugay, taruy, talo-ot, pili, and kube trees in celebration of the two important occasions that are instrumental to the fulfillment of their commitment to grow back forests in Negros Island.

“The passion for environmental preservation of all our BINHI and 10M in 10 partners is truly admirable,” said Norreen Bautista, head of EDC’s Community Partnerships, External Relations, and Watershed Management Group in Negros Island.

Bautista said the huge turnout of volunteers indicate the Negrenses’ increasing awareness on the need to plant more native trees.”

Now on its 10 year, BINHI is EDC’s forest restoration program that aims to bring back to abundance premium endangered native trees and to bridge forest gaps through a holistic, scientific, and multi-pronged approach.

To date, the company has already planted over 6.3 million seedlings with the help of its 149 partners from 16 regions all over the country, said Baustista.

She added that more than 2.5 million of these were planted on over 3,000 hectares in Negros Island with the help of EDC’s over 30 BINHI local partners.

In 2016, EDC’s BINHI team identified, located, and collected 96 targeted threatened native tree species and have sought out ways to propagate them.

To do this, EDC has put up a state-of-the-art automated nursery called a Vegetative Materials Reproduction (VMR) facility in its 222.5MW geothermal project in Valencia, Negros Oriental that makes use of an automated mist irrigation system to give the right amount of mist and mimic the conditions of a natural forest habitat.

This VMR in Valencia will serve not only the need for native seedlings of EDC’s BINHI partners in the Visayas region but even that of its over 140 10M in 10 partners.

“We encourage those who are truly committed to protecting and restoring the forests of Negros Island to partner with us in this green revolution.  All these efforts are crucial in fighting climate change,” Bautista urged.

The geothermal leader, EDC is the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal company and the only diversified renewable energy firm in the country.

The company has been powering Negros Island for over 35 years with geothermal energy, the only form of renewable energy that can provide baseload power 24/7.