Cebuano News: Laing “water supplier” mosulod sa dakbayan sa Dumaguete

By Leandria Pagunsan

Usa ka bag-ong pribadong water company ang gilaumang mosulod sa dakbayan sa Dumaguete aron tugbangan ang serbisyo sa nag-inusarang Dumaguete City Water District (DCWD).

Matud sa tigpamaba sa Dumaguete City Public Information Office, Dems Demecillo sulod sa pila ka dekada na nga nag serbisyo ang DCWD sa katawhan sa Dumaguete daghan usab ang nag reklamo sa matud pa “poor service” sa DCWD sama sa hinay o walay suplay sa tubig atol sa tungang gabii ug “declining state of infrastructure.”

Bag-ohay lang mipasar ang city council og ordinance “granting authority to Primwater Infrastructure Corporation to construct, commission, establish, operate and maintain a water distribution system to service the consumers of Dumaguete City in the next 25 years.”

Ubos sa maong ordinance, ang Primwater gila-oman nga mohatag sa limpyo ug hustong suplay sa tubig ug “distribution system” nga affordable ang bayranan sa mga kunsumidor ug residente ug mohatag ug mas maayo nga serbisyo kaysa DCWD.

Sa habig sa DCWD aron mas mapalambo pa ang ilang serbisyo, gidawat nila ang offer sa usa ka pribadong kumpanya nga maoy modumala sa 80 porsyento sa ilang operations lakip na ang pagdugang ug pondo nga P1 billion isip capital aron ma upgrade ang assets sa DCWD, matod ni Demecillo.

Gawas kung aduna’y pag supak gikan sa korte, ang privatization sa DCWD padayon taliwala sa mga pagduha-duha ug kahadlok nga mamawi sa ilang capital pinaagi sa pagpataas sa byranan sa water bill.

Sa bahin sa Primwater mo invest usab sila ug modernong pasilidad sama sa mga piping ug reservoir ug ubang kagamitan aron makahatag sa limpyo ug igong suplay sa tubig sa mga residente ug mga business establishments sa “affordable” nga byranan.

Mobayad usab ang Primwater ngadto sa lokal nga kagamhanan sa Dumaguete og P1.00 matag cubic meter nga kunsumo, business permit ug real property tax.

Usa ka Memorandum of Agreement ang lagdaan unya sa City Government ug Primewater pinaagi sa pagsunod sa ilang kasabutan ug uban pa nga terms and conditions.

Kinahanglan nga kumpletohon pa sa Primwater ang permit gikan sa ubang “regulatory agencies” usa kini tugtan nga mo operate.


Dumaguete City earns P100M income from CViRAA

By Jennifer C. Tilos



Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo commended the athletes, coaches and officials of the Dumaguete City division for their industry and passion to bring honor and pride to the city during the  2019 Central Visayas Regional Athletic Meet held last February. (PIA/Negros Oriental)



Both Dumaguete City and DepEd City Schools Division believe that the hosting of the Central Visayas Regional Athletic (CVIRAA) meet proved to be advantage for the local economy.

According to Dumaguete City Public Information Officer (CPIO) it is estimated that all schools divisions brought with them cash to cover the meals, transportation and other expenses of up to P100 million excluding pocket money of the nearly 12,000 athletes, coaches, teachers, tournament officials and supporters of the teams.

Hotels and pension houses reported increased occupancy while vendors and stores reported brisk sales during the games’ duration.

Demecillo said some teams that have been eliminated earlier also took trips to several tourist destinations even outside the city infusing more cash to the local tourism industry.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo was pleased to learn that all delegations rated the preparation and actual hosting of the city as outstanding, which underscored the fact that the thousands of guests were satisfied with the accommodations, hospitality of the organizers and local residents and the quality of venues and facilities.

Authorities also made sure that the security of all athletes and visitors were paramount so as not to compromise their safety and embarrass the host city.

In fact, City Chief-of-Police Supt. Gregorio Galsim announced that two arrests of suspected thieves who are not residents of Dumaguete Citywere made prior and during the CVIRAA games.

First to be arrested was German Florendo and Bell Gempisaw, both from Mindanao, after a victim accused them of pickpocketing inside one of the establishments in the city.

Both suspects were identified through the CCTV footage.

Then just before CVIRAA concluded, a certain Joey Pajares Ramos of Bonawon Siaton, was apprehended for stealing several items from members of the Cebu delegation.

It was also learned that no major complaints or reports were recorded by delegates of tricycle drivers accused of discourtesy and overcharging.

Officers from the Traffic Management Office have closely monitored the MCH to prevent and promptly respond to any complaints from the visiting delegates.

Public and Business sector reps in Dumaguete appeal for patience with TRAIN Law

By Roi Lomotan


Kapihan sa PIA on CTRP or Train Law Package 1 (6)
Enter a captionPIA-NegOr Infocen Manager Jenny Tilos, BIR – Dumaguete Revenue District Officer Consuelo De Asis, and BIR-Dumaguete Assessment Section Revenue Officer Priscilla Ho during a Kapihan sa PIA forum held on April 4, 2018 at Bethel Guest House, Dumaguete City. The forum focused on the salient points of TRAIN Law Package 1 which refers to Personal Income Tax (PIT).(ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental)

Some representatives of public and business sector in the city believe that the long-term benefits of the Tax Reform for Acceleration and Inclusion (TRAIN) Law will not be felt immediately thus, they made a call to the public to be patient with the implementation of the government’s tax reform program.

In a Kapihan sa PIA forum on TRAIN Law Package 1 held at local hotel here yesterday, Negros Oriental Chamber of Commerce and Industry (NOCCI) President Francisco Martinez raised that the TRAIN Law is new and it would be difficult to give a time frame on when will the public actually experience its long-term benefits.

“Let us be patient and let us think positive. The government is trying to make taxation process easy, simple and affordable especially to the low income group,” Martinez said.

The NOCCI President added that at the moment, this tax reform program “cannot please everybody” but he also underscored that the government is really trying to help its people.

“We are thankful and hopeful,” Martinez disclosed in behalf of NOCCI.

On the other hand, Department of Trade and Industry Officer Jade Bato, who is one of the reactors of the Kapihan forum, cited that instituting reforms have “birthing pains” at the beginning before actually achieving the real benefits.


DTI-Negros Oriental Officer Jade Bato cites some of the proposed projects which will be funded by the revenues generated through the tax reform program. (PIA7-NegOr)

The revenues generated from this tax reform program of the current administration will be utilized to fund the government’s massive infrastructure plan or the “Build, build, build” Program.

Bato shared in the forum that part of the goal is to construct 629, 120 public school classrooms, 60, 483 rural health units or 484, 326 barangay health stations, 1, 324 provincial hospitals, 35, 745 kilometers of paved roads, 786, 400 Kilometers temporary bridge upgrades, and have 2, 665, 763 hectares of irrigated land.

Aside from this, the revenues gathered from TRAIN Law can also help fund the hiring of additional 2, 685,101 public school teachers.

The abovementioned figures are same as the numbers cited by Department of Budget and Management Sec. Benjamin Diokno in his lecture on TRAIN Law before the students of Ateneo Senior High School last January.

“Mao ni siya murag impact sa train law in the next five years if it is successfully implemented. I hope katong giingon na “hulat lang, be positive”, there will be fruits that can be reaped later on. (This is the expected impact of TRAIN Law in the next five years if it is successfully implemented. I hope what was mentioned earlier “be patient and be positive,” there will fruits that can be reaped later on),” Bato remarked.

Starting January this year, the Philippine government implemented the 1st package of the TRAIN Law which refers to the lowering of Personal Income Tax (PIT) while at the same time increasing the excise taxes on petroleum products, automobiles, and sugar-sweetened beverages.

The goal of the first package of the Comprehensive Tax Reform Program (CTRP) or TRAIN is to create a simpler, fair, and more efficient system.

For their part, the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR), the agency in charge of collecting taxes, remains positive that the country will eventually achieve the long-term benefits of train.

Through this tax reform program, the government expects to generate P130 billion revenues from taxes in its first year of implementation.

“All of us are really affected by this. It’s a long-term project so we really cannot really say that maybe times will be more promising next year but we are gearing to that,” BIR-Dumaguete Revenue Officer Priscilla Ho said during the Kapihan.

“All of us are really positive regarding it but we really cannot say a time frame because we can also see all our incurring losses because of it. Think positive! Paingon na ta diha (We will get there eventually),” Ho added.

Meanwhile, Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) – Dumaguete Revenue District Officer Consuelo De Asis disclosed that right now, the major benefit of the 1st package TRAIN Law is that low income earners enjoy higher take home pay due to the exemptions stipulated in the law.

De Asis noted that perhaps with this development, purchasing power of the minimum waged workers somehow increased and hopefully, this would translate to increased sales and profit for different business establishments. In effect, businesses will naturally pay more taxes.

With this, the BIR official has appealed for increase the voluntary tax compliance from all taxpayers.

“Our government in its desire to alleviate the greater part of the citizenry by widening tax exemption base which will naturally decrease tax collection on wages. On the other hand, the government also decided to improve government service by launching ambitious and massive infrastructure. This will need funds from our treasury,” De Asis read BIR’s appeal letter to taxpayers.

“So this is understandable due to the projected Implementation of massive infrastructure projects. We are therefore sincerely appealing to all taxpayers to look inside themselves and ask if they have enough sense of patriotism. Let us do our share by simple declaring correct income,” De Asis elaborated.  (ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental)