Army declares 5 barangays in NegOr insurgent-free

By Jennifer C. Tilos

DUMAGUETE CITY, (PIA) –Five barangays in Negros Oriental were recently declared “insurgent-free and development-ready” by the 302nd Infantry Brigade of the Philippine Army.

The barangays of Siapo and Basak, in San Jose town; barangay Silab in Amlan; Enrique Villanueva in Sibulan; and barangay Dobdob in Valencia, used to be regular targets of the extortion and liquidation activities of  CPP/NPA , were declared as “insurgent-free and development-ready” barangays after an area clearing evaluation and validation (ACEV) reportd being endorsed by army brigade.

It is reported, these barangays had been previously infested by the New People’s Army (NPAs), hence, government’s development efforts were hampered.

According to Col Christopher Estella, deputy commander of 302nd Brigade said the active and untiring support of the local government units for the efforts of 79th IB peace and development workers deployed in the five barangays brought a positive impact to the community.

However, Col Estella said some residents are apprehensive because of fear of retaliation from CPP/NPA.

“With peace paving the way to development, the people living in those communities will have a better chance to uplift their living condition,” Estella said.

The declaration of the five barangays as insurgency-free was deliberated by ACEV board, with Estella as chair said the barangays will continue to be threatened by the NPAs if their issues and concerns are not being addressed accordingly.

Estella attributed the winning of  peace in the areas to the  convergence of government efforts  and  key role of the LGUs.

Barangay DobDob Capt Guilberto Darias said that “my barangay will surely be insulated against the recovery efforts of the NPAs if the road conditions in the barangay will be improved”.

Darias added “A good road will facilitate the smooth delivery of basic services towards my constituents.”

Farm to market roads are among the common issues raised by residents in barangays resonated by Darias to prevent rebel elements to establish a foothold again.

Col Estella added that more barangays in Negros Oriental will be declared insurgent-free as the military continues its operations in the hinterlands of the province.

“The ACEB is optimistic that the province would eventually be free from insurgency later this year. This vision, if realized will equate to influx of more investors and businesses, hence, more job and development for the people of Negros Oriental,” the military official said. (JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental)


NegOr Union of Coops receives award for best coop in Central Visayas

By: Jennifer C. Tilos

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA)– The Negros Oriental Union of Cooperatives (NEORUNCO) has received the Gawad Parangal award Saturday as the best cooperative in Central Visayas and will be competing for the national Gawad Parangal award along with other finalist across the country.

Chair of the board of administrators of the Cooperative Development Authority (CDA), Dr. Emmanuel Santianguel personally handed over the award to NEORUNCO manager Diogenes Fabro during the awarding ceremony in Dumaguete City, Negros Oriental.

The awarding ceremony was also witnessed by Felipe Deri, the Regional Director for CDA in Central Visayas and the different representatives, directors and managers from forty member cooperatives in Negros Oriental.

According to Dr. Santianguel, this is the first time the CDA has recognized a union of cooperatives since in the previous years all the finalists are either multi-purpose, credit or community cooperatives.

He said this year is unique because NEORUNCO is a training arm of the cooperatives in Negros Oriental and the Visayas area.

The CDA recognizes the exemplary performance of cooperatives with best practices, he added.

A team of evaluators go around the country to evaluate the nominated cooperative to find out whether it achieved the criteria.

Dr. Santiangel congratulated the officers of  NEORUNCO and its member cooperative for waving the banner of good cooperative management.

Dr. Santiangel explained that the purpose of the Gawad Parangal is to recognize the efforts of cooperative across the country. The mandate of CDA is to oversee the operation and development of the cooperative. They are also mandated to eliminate bogus cooperatives.

Fabro also expressed his gratitude for the recognition as the region’s best. He is hoping that they can make it to the national level.

Fabro said the award increases their motivation to become more eager in helping small cooperatives in the province. He said NEORUNCO started as a baby project of the Perpetual Help Community Cooperative ( PHCCI) which aims at providing training and education to the different cooperatives in the province.

Part of the requirement of CDA is the continuing education like Parliamentary procedures, training on accountants, on proper investing among others. This will help cooperatives to improve and build a solid foundation. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental)

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EDC-Palinpinon1 power plant turns 30

VALENCIA, Negros Oriental (PIA) –The country’s largest and the world’s second largest geothermal company, Energy Development Corp (EDC)-Palinpinon1 celebrated its 30th anniversary recently with a thanksgiving and awarding ceremony for its employees and community partners.

According to EDC Negros Island Geothermal Business Unit (NIGBU) head Erwin Avante, beyond producing steam, EDC has been committed to improving the lives of its host communities and enhancing the environment in its areas of operation.

Avante personally thank the five employees for working with EDC for three decades with dedication and commitment, along with the host barangays in Valencia town Negros Oriental.

In a short ceremony, loyalty awards were given to TeofiloNocete, Ramonito Arong, Edgar Lucero, Rey Genoves, and Jeremiah Sarita.

The three geothermal host barangays Caidiocan, Malaunay and Puhagan, Valencia, Negros Oriental with its barangay captains Leonarda Santa, Antonio Tuting, and Joanna Paalaman, respectively, were awarded of plaque of appreciation as partners for 30 years for allowing the EDC-Southern Negros Geothermal Project generate clean power for the entire Visayas region.

The EDC also recognized the  barangayss support to (Southern Negro Geothermal Project) SNGP’s business and various environment and social projects.

With over 300 workforce, Avante acknowledged them for helping the company with a purpose of producing clean renewable power for the country.

EDC’s 112.5MW Palinpinon-1 power plant was commissioned in 1983 to supply power to Negros Island as well as other neighboring provinces in the Visayas region.

While the steamfield was operated by then government-owned-and-controlled corporation, PNOC EDC, power plant operations were handled by the National Power Corporation.

PNOC EDC became fully privatized in November 2007 and was referred to as EDC from then on.  Its first order of the day upon privatization was to acquire all power plants where it supplies steam to ensure a seamless operation and better power plant reliability and efficiency.

In 2009, EDC acquired Palinpinon-1 and Palinpinon-2 here in Negros Oriental and 112.5MW Tongonan-1 in Leyte, through its power generation company, Green Core Geothermal, Inc., making it the world’s largest vertically integrated geothermal company.  Tongonan-1 was the first power plant to be commissioned also in 1983 just a few months before Palinpinon-1.

Its CSR projects have benefitted 145,490 individuals and 659 groups since SNGP’s inception.  In 2005, CSR evolved into the Community Partnerships Program focused on health, education, livelihood and the environment. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental)