Electric coop urges member-consumers to report incidents of pilferage

By Roi Lomotan

The Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative (NORECO-I) is urging its member-consumers to report incidents of pilferage to the electric cooperative.

NORECO-I Area Operations Manager Erlyn Zamora said pilferage and flying connections are contributors to systems loss which later on appear in the electric bills of member-consumers.

Zamora cited as an example an individual who illegally taps electricity and consumes 10,000 kilowatt hour, the amount of energy that person consumed will automatically be part of the electric cooperative’s systems loss which will be distributed to the member-consumers.

The Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) allows electric cooperatives to distribute systems loss charges among the member-consumers as long as it is within the 13 percent systems loss rate limit.

Zamora said that once the systems loss rate exceeds the 13 percent limit, the electric cooperative shall subsidize the additional charges for systems loss rate.

The NORECO-I official reported in a Kapihan sa PIA forum here on Jan. 31 that the systems loss rate recorded last year was 12.72 percent.

“Kanang 12.72% kung naa kawat na kuryente diha na one percent, apil siya sa balayran ni consumer (If there is one percent of illegally consumed energy in the 12.72 percent, then it is automatically passed on to the consumer),” Zamora noted.

With this, Zamora emphasized that it is important that member-consumers report incidents of pilferage to them.

“We encourage everyone to report. You may reach us through our hotline number and we will keep the identity (of the informan) a secret,” Zamora told the attendees of the Kapihan.

Meanwhile, NORECO-I Institutional Services Manager Jonah Maxino disclosed that the Board of the Directors passed a policy which increases the incentive of individuals who would report incidents of pilferage from P500 to P1,000.

The incentive will be given to the informant once the reported incident of pilferage was confirmed and validated.

Zamora said once they recover the losses caused by illegal connections, they will deduct it from the over-all systems loss rate which would eventually reflect in the electric bill of member consumers.

Member-consumers are encouraged to contact the electric cooperative through their number 0917-314-1940.


Rag dolls help raise awareness on teenage pregnancy

By Leandria Pagunsan


Students of Foundation Preparatory Academy carrying their rag dolls. (PIA7-NegOr/Photo from Klein Emperado of Foundation University)


Foundation Preparatory Academy (FPA) has initiated an awareness campaign on teenage pregnancy and premarital sex among students from the high school department with the use of rag dolls to be carried by students for the whole month of February.

As part of the technology and livelihood education subject, students are made to create rag dolls out of a pattern and they are to use rice as fillers instead of foam or cotton with the purpose of adding the weight close to that of an infant.

Also, the said campaign will instill at an early stage, the value of responsibility among young people as they gear towards adulthood.

Students are to take care of the rag dolls and, if possible, carry it most of the time.

According to Felipe Sullera, Jr. Senior High School head teacher, FPA will continue to practice this initiative not only for the benefit of its students but for the community as well.

Sullera also added that in the past 10 years since it was implemented, the practice has reduced (if not eliminated) the incidence of teen pregnancies and premarital sex among high school students at FPA.

Dr. Mira D. Sinco, the current superintendent of FPA, began the awareness program during her term as university president.

Dumaguete City to host national writing tilt on ASEAN integration

By Jennifer C. Tilos

The Schools Division of Dumaguete City of the Department of Education (DepEd) will host this year’s National Schools Press Conference (NSPC) on February 19 to 23.

Dubbed as the Olympics of Campus Journalism, NSPC is set to gather the best student-journalists from the 17 regions all over the Philippines.

Close to 5,000 campus journalists from the public and private elementary and secondary schools from all over the country are expected to converge at this capital city of Negros Oriental.

The 2018 NSPC has acknowledged the “vital role of the campus journalist in promoting comprehensive education for all.”

This year’s official theme of the 2018 NSPC is “Embracing ASEAN Integration: Campus journalists’ role in advancing inclusive education.”

Association of Southeast Asian Nations or ASEAN Integration aims to build a successful and more united ASEAN that has concrete effects on the lives of individuals.

The journalism contest starts with the Division Schools Press Conference (DSPC), where the top three to seven in each category depending on the size of the certain region qualifies to the Regional Schools Press Conference (RSPC), and from which the top three will be chosen to represent their respective regions in the National Schools Press Conference (NSPC).

The Campus Journalists will be competing in three categories namely Individual Contests which include News Writing, Feature Writing, Editorial Writing, Science and Technology Writing, Photojournalism, and Editorial Cartooning.

School Paper Contests where the campus journalists battle in the different categories: News Section, Features Section, Editorial Section, Science and Technology Section, Sports Section, and Layout and Page Design, and Group Contests: Radio Script Writing and Broadcasting Contest, Collaborative Desktop Publishing (CDP) Contest, and TV Script Writing and Broadcasting Contests (for secondary level).

Two contests are for exhibition only, namely, Column Writing which belongs to individual contests, and online publishing contest for secondary under the Group Contests.

Expected to grace the annual national writing tilts are Education Secretary Leonor Magtolis Briones, Central Office officials, regional and division officials, and local government officials.