City to impose waste segregation at source

By Jennifer C. Tilos

Foreign and local volunteers have taught Dumaguete City residents how to properly and systematically segregate solid wastes to prepare them in managing the Materials Recovery Facilities (MRF) to be established in the barangays soon.

Mayor Felipe Antonio Remollo observed the way the volunteers and learners did it in three pilot barangays Piapi, Looc and Bantayan.

Merci Ferrer, Consultant of War on Wastes-Negros Oriental and Sonia Mendoza, Chairperson of Mother Earth Foundation briefed the mayor on the necessity and mechanics of the activity.

This is in line with the objective of the city government to practice segregation of wastes at source in the households or barangays before these are again sorted out at the MRFs.

This way, disposing of residual wastes is facilitated in the soon to be built sanitary landfill.

Along this, the city government is contemplatying on formalizing its appeals to corporations to lessen the use of plastics or shift their preference in packaging and products to more environmentally friendly materials.

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