CHR: Strengthen pillars of justice system to solve criminality

By Leandria Pagunsan

CHR-Negros Oriental Special Investigator Dr. Jesus Cañete talks about strengthening the pillars of justice system during a Kapihan sa PIA forum in observance of National Human Rights Consciousness Week. (PIA7-NegOr)

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA)—Strengthening pillars of the justice system (community, law enforcement, prosecution, courts and correction) instead of imposing death penalty will answer the problem on criminality, according to Special Investigator Jesus Cañete of the Commission on Human Rights (CHR) Negros Oriental.

In a recent Kapihan sa PIA forum held in observance of National Human Rights Consciousness Week, Cañete explained that people who usually commit crimes do it for survival because of poverty.

“A person cannot think at the moment of facing death penalty when their families have nothing to eat,” said Cañete.

He reminded that human rights is inherent to all and should be protected, uphold and preserved at all times citing that effective delivery of social justice system and equal opportunities should be given to all constituents especially in giving basic government services.

Cañete also explained that the United Nations as the convening body of all member nations who are signatory to international human rights laws cannot compel them to specific actions, they can only document because implementing the solutions is sovereign to the concerned state.

The commission is now doubling its efforts in educating people especially the security forces that can be possible source of violations later on.

Interpretation of laws should be taken seriously because this might send wrong signals as far as human rights violations is concerned, according to Cañete.

The CHR as watchdog sees to it that government is acting and implementing according to the instruments set by the United Nations in promoting and protecting human rights.

Proper implementation of the system can be determined by society itself.

While there are conflicting views on human rights issues, advocates sometimes are being ridiculed with negative remarks by people who do not value their individual rights, not unless they themselves become victims of violations, said Cañete.

Another resource person during the Kapihan forum, Atty. Gazzelene Fuentes of CHR Region 7 said the justice system itself is effective but sometimes have flaws as far as implementation is concerned.

Crimes that are categorized as extra judicial killings (EJK) committed by law enforcers should be held accountable for justice to be served accordingly.

Fuentes said there is no need to fight against the government because the legal system itself is doing its role. (rmn/lpp/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was first published at PIA Website on Dec. 13, 2016)


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