SPUD launches ‘Green Home Program’

By Jennifer Catan-Tilos

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) – The St. Paul University-Dumaguete (SPUD) has launched its ‘Green Home Program’ recently to foster student’s respect and care for the environment.

SPUD President Sr. Joseline Lasala, SPC said the event is an extension and observation in the care of the environment at home, in school, and the homes of students and employees.

With 2,500 students, SPUD is hoping for them to develop positive attitude and values by engaging in learning experiences that link plants, animals and people by observing the environment around them model sustainable practices.

During the event, SPUD community committed to the green home pledge to involve themselves and commit in the environmental stewardship program.

Sr. Lasala said the students pledged to do more eco-friendly practices such as segregating waste, gardening or greening the campus and their respective homes.

“The environmental stewardship include planting vegetable patches, but if they don’t the space, potted or hanging other ornamental or flowering plants, this is a great starting point and opportunities to build sustainable program are  endless,” said Sr. Lasala.

In its mechanics, committees are formed to locate the houses of students and employees to be grouped into cluster which will be visited for monitoring and evaluation

However, the committee also set some criteria for the activity to encourage students to participate fully by classroom and by areas in school in the implementation of the greening program.

In her message, Sr. Lasala also reminded the public: “We have only one planet Mother Earth so individually we are responsible to take care of our natural resources and we have the responsibility to take care of our own resources, conserve electricity, water and also the protection from the pollution.”

In the same occasion, a number of students brought their own animal pets for a special blessing in celebration of the Feast Day of St. Francis of Asisi, the patron saint of animals.  (rmn/jct/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was originally published at PIA website on Oct. 12, 2016)


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