Geothermal could be the best among renewable sources of energy

By Jennifer Catan-Tilos


DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) — Geothermal could be the best among the types of renewable sources of energy.

According to the Supervisor of Energy Industry Management Division, Department of Energy (DOE)-Visayas Rey Maleza, different sources of renewable energy have different advantages.

He said energy from solar power is available only during day time hence, supply is limited while wind is variable because we cannot depend on it 24/7.

Maleza explained further that solar is cheaper compared to other sources and affordable now than when it was five years ago.

He added DOE is promoting roof mounted solar on commercial and industrial establishments including households during the day on grid and off grid.

On the issue of toxins on solar panels, Maleza explained these can only be found on disposed panels and considering that DOE’s solar panels will last up to 30 years, they don’t actually consider it a problem.

With the presence of modern and advance technology now, in five years time there will already be a solution to that problem, said Maleza.

Though DOE campaigns for the use of solar power they are also open to other energy sources as long as it meets the required standards to provide sufficient supply that will not hamper the country’s future energy demands.

He informed further that DOE is contracting a firm based in the United States to come up with a study in identifying best mixed generation capacity from conventional types of energy that will fit in the required percentage appropriate for the country.

The result of the study will be DOE’s basis to come up with policies for future contract signing, according to Maleza. (mbcn/lpp/PIA-7/Negros Oriental/This article was originally published at PIA website on Oct. 14, 2016)





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