NegOr Guv conveys gratitude to 11th IB for province’s peace & order

By Roi Lomotan

Negros Oriental Gov. Roel Degamo gives a message during the 11th IB Send-off Ceremony at Freedom Park, Dumaguete City. (PIA7-NegOr)


DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) –Negros Oriental Governor Roel Degamo conveyed his warmest gratitude to the soldiers of 11th Infantry “Lapu-Lapu” Battalion (IB) of the Philippine Army for helping maintain the peace and order in the northern part of the province.

In his speech at the send-off ceremony for the 11th IB held over the weekend at Freedom Park, Dumaguete City, Gov. Degamo thanked the officers of the 11th IB led by its commander Lt. Col. Eugene Badua for helping the province achieve a Conflict Manageable and Development Ready (CMDR) status in terms of security.

“Allow me to once again express my warmest gratitude the courageous men and women of the 11th IB for making the province safe and secure under your command and for displaying patriotism and exemplary service worth emulating by our younger generations,” Degamo said.

“As chief executive of this province, I personally witnessed your programs and projects geared towards more peaceful resolution of conflicts in the hinterlands particularly the Bantay Bayanihan, Lakbay Aral of the young kids of our friends and fellow Negrenses living in far-flung areas,” he added.

Gov. Degamo also emphasized that these projects have very beneficial to the people, especially in those far-flung areas as they were able to avail the different services of the government.

The governor further said that since 2008, the 11th IB has strengthened and improved its operational capability in order to perform their duties well.

Philippine Army 11th IB Soldiers assemble while waiting for the start of the send-off ceremony. (PIA7-NegOr)

The 11th IB has their headquarters in Guihulngan City during their stay in the province and now it will be assigned in Sulu as part of the anti-terrorism directive of President Rodrigo Duterte in Sulu.

Gov. Degamo also shared that he hopes to see them again in Negros Oriental and if possibly with still complete staff once they have accomplished their mission in Mindanao.

On the other hand, Major General Harold Cabreros, commander of the 3rd Infantry Division (ID) which covers Negros Island expressed this confidence that the 11th IB will be able to perform its duty of maintaining peace in the war-torn province.

“I know each and every one of you are prepared and determined to perform their duties being soldiers. I have seen your dedication in your service,” Cabreros said.

“Your services are called by higher headquarters in a war torn area. Your services are called to support our campaign and your services are called to bring peace for our people and for our country,” he added.

Maj. Gen. Cabreros explained that the deployment is part of the marching orders of the president who is the commander in chief of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP).

“He wants to finish the problem on terrorism,” Cabreros adds.


Maj. Gen. Harold Cabreros, commander of the 3rd ID of the Philippine Army gives a message during the sendo-off ceremony for the soldiers of 11th IB. (PIA7-NegOr)

 Meanwhile, Lt. Col. Badua believes that the current security status of the province will be maintained even if they are deployed in another province.

Badua disclosed that there are still some insurgents in their area but said they are “remnants” and still in a manageable level.


When asked why the 11th IB is chosen to be assigned in Sulu, Badua explained the battalion already had a stint in Mindanao years back and has maintained a good record in keeping peace and security there.

The battalion formally left Negros Oriental on Sunday, August 14.

Once the entire personnel 11th IB is deployed in Sulu, the 79th IB will take over in the former area of operation said Badua. (mbcn/ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was originally published at PIA website on Aug. 16, 2016)


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