NORECO-1 appeals for public cooperation in reducing systems loss

By Roi Lomotan

Kapihan sa PIA (7)
Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative-I General Manager Jose Juvileo Acabal (c) appeals for public cooperation in relation to the electric cooperative’s operations to cut systems loss during a Kapihan sa PIA forum in Tayasan town on July 15.


TAYASAN, Negros Oriental (PIA) – The Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative (NORECO-I) is appealing for cooperation from member-consumers as the electric cooperative implements measures to reduce its high systems loss.

NORECO-I General Manager Jose Juvileo Acabal reported that the electric cooperative is alarmed after the percentage of their systems loss reached 13%.

The said figure is the same with the rate set by the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) as limit for systems loss in every electric cooperative.

Acabal said even though the number is still within the limit set by the ERC, the electric cooperative aims to lower the systems loss rate to 11% by the end of the year.

He noted that a negative implication of this is that NORECO-I will experience a deficit of P200,000 to P300,000 in every percent of excess power in systems loss if it continues to go high.

To resolve this, the electric cooperative has started to conduct clearing operations and thermal scanning in their coverage areas.

“We hired additional men (for the clearing). Our linemen and engineers will be focused on the clearing. We hope we can reduce (our systems loss) by two or three percent,” he said.

Aside from this, NORECO-I will also conduct thermal scanning from 5:00 in the afternoon to 8:30 in the evening.

Acabal explained this procedure would help them indicate lose connections that needs to be adjusted since it contribute to systems loss.

He also added that the cooperative also tapped expertise of third party consultants to mitigate increase in their systems loss.

The procedures are expected to last until six months.

With this, Acabal along with other officials from NORECO-I made a call to the public to be cooperative in their clearing operations.

He appealed to homeowners to allow their linemen to trim branches of their trees that seen to hang or mingle with electric wires or beside electric posts and transformers.

In a Kapihan sa PIA forum held in this town recently, NORECO-I Member Development and Consumer Services Head Dahlia Acero explained that tree branches that touch electric wires contribute to systems loss.

Trees beside electric posts or wires can become a source of power outages because of the possibility that they may fall on wires or transformers when there are strong winds or calamities.

She advised member consumers  to as much as possible trim tree branches and avoid planting tree beside the post but she reminded them to coordinate with the electric cooperative before cutting down branches so that NORECO-I can send a crew who knows the proper procedures in this operation. (rmn/ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was originally published at PIA website on July 20, 2016)


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