Former kainginero gets environmental protection award

By Leandria Pagunsan

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA)–Rene “Tatay Eti” Vendiola former “kainginero” turned environmentalist received the Environmental Protection Award given by Secretary Neric Acosta of the Office of Presidential Adviser for Environmental Protection.

The award was given to Vendiola in recognition for his dedication and contribution to environmental protection as shown by his passion and commitment in preserving native and indigenous plant species in his Liptong Woodland mini forest in Bacong, Negros Oriental.

Tatay Eti took these indigenous and native plants as saplings and cuttings from forests in Negros Oriental, planted in his 1.6 hectare mini-forest, now a sanctuary of fully grown indigenous and endangered native plants from various species.

The mini forest according to secretary Acosta is something worthy of emulation, citing that Tatay Eti is a role model to the Filipino people in his quest for environmental protection and conservation.

During the climate change summit COP21 held in Paris last year, Secretary Acosta said there is an urgent need to save and protect the environment in response to the challenges agreed by 196 participating countries including the Philippines in arriving solutions.

Among solutions reached at the summit, is to implement the most energy efficient devices and promote and push for the transition to renewable energy resources.

Acosta said, the climate change summit called for culture of care where we need to go back to what makes us human, a caring and concerning call for every leader, every household, every person and the whole community to save the environment which he said  is a common concern of humankind.

Acosta showed a short video presentation of how land, water and air can speak to people, reminding that it is people who need nature and not the other way around.

Acosta added that the world now is suffering from human abuses resulting in destruction of our ecology thus, the need to save not only the environment but peoples’ lives as well.

Tatay Eti in his speech describes the environment as our home where we interconnect with the web of life.  Everything comes from nature and everything goes back to nature. If we destroy the environment, we will also destroy lives of people.

In closing Tatay Eti reminded that mother nature changes its creation once in a while and we being stewards of the environment have the moral obligation to care for it.

In recognition to Foundation University being the national champion in the search for most sustainable eco-friendly school, the awarding ceremony took place at Lawak Kauswagan of the university witnessed by its president Victor Vicente G. Sinco and other university officials. (mbcn/lpp/PIA7/Negros Oriental/This article was first published at PIA website on Mar. 3,2016)


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