PSA installs regional director for Negros Island regional office

By Roi Lomotan


Members of the local press interview PSA-NIR regional director Engr. Ariel Florendo before the start of the launching ceremony of PSA-NIR held on Feb. 22 at Hotel Essencia, Dumaguete City. (PIA7-NegOr)


DUMAGUETE CITY, Feb. 23 (PIA) – Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) has installed Engr. Ariel Florendo as the regional director for its Negros Island regional office in a ceremony held February 22 at Hotel Essencia.

PSA is one of the 16 government agencies that will set up their regional offices in Dumaguete City in relation to the formation of the new Negros Island Region (NIR).

In an interview with the members of the local media, Engr. Florendo reaffirmed the agency’s commitment in providing quality service to Negrenses.

He said that with the establishment of its regional office in Negros Island, services at the regional level are now made closer to Negrenses.

“The public no longer needs to Cebu or Iloilo when it comes to availing of services at the regional office,” Florendo told members of the press.

He explained that the services in the regional and provincial level are almost the same, however, in the previous set up, results of manual and machine processes are forwarded to the regional offices.

“With this launching, hopefully, the public will be informed and will know that there is an existing regional office of PSA,” he added.

For now, the PSA-NIR office is located at the PSA-Negros Oriental office in Bagacay, Dumaguete City, but Florendo said they will eventually move once they find a new office space.

As per the number of staff in the regional office, Florendo disclosed that they are still awaiting the approval of the Department of Budget and Management for the release of funds for the agency’s staffing.

Meanwhile, Engr. Florendo disclosed some of the initial plans and programs of the regional office, first of which is to organize a regional statistical committee that will tackle issues on statistical and civil registration matter.

Another one is the creation of association of barangay local civil registers in the region.

The NIR regional director underscored that it is important that the barangay captain and the barangay secretary are knowledgeable on laws covering civil registration so that they can help their constituents in minimizing errors in registering life events such as birth and death.

He noted that up to now there are still errors in the spelling of names, dates, among others.

“Even though we have laws to correct it, but why do we have to turn to the law when we can prevent it,” Florendo emphasized.

Moreover, PSA has tentatively scheduled a regional convention for solemnizing officers in May this year.

Florendo explained that this is an advantage of NIR because many solemnizing officers in the two Negros provinces can attend the event because it is set in the island.

Florendo was the former PSA-7 director before appointed as regional director for NIR.

PSA serves as the central statistical authority of the Philippine government on primary data collection.

It merges four state statistical agencies namely National Statistics Office, Bureau of Agricultural Statistics, Statistical Coordination Board and the Bureau of Labor and Employment Statistics.

Some of the services they offer are Serbilis centers, mobile civil registrations, and information dissemination on government statistical data. (rmn/ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was first published at PIA website on Feb. 22, 2016)


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