Academic solarization project to be installed in Silliman University

By Leandria P. Pagunsan

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) — First Solar Orion Energy Solutions, Inc. will install the biggest academic solarization project producing 1.2 megawatt solar energy for Silliman University.

Orion group of companies will develop and supply Silliman University as principal consumer of 100% renewable energy from solar power aimed at reducing the use of carbon in the whole campus, said Rynor Jamandre, President of First Solar Orion Energy Solutions Inc. during the signing of Memorandum of Agreement between Silliman University President Ben Malayang and Jamandre last year.

Jamandre added that Silliman University was chosen as recipient of the biggest educational solar project in Asia because of its active involvement  in environmental conservation programs supporting the Paris Climate Change Agreement to reduce carbon-based consumption and expand the use of non-fossil energy in the environment to keep the global climate temperature at 2%.

Rynor Jamandre explained that the Philippines is identified as highly vulnerable to the effects of climate change which made the Orion Group of Companies prototype the biggest educational solar project with Silliman.

Based on the Orion’s research in prototyping the project, the university will save electricity consumption at peak hours to 5 million per year.

The amount of savings they will get in the next 25 years can be used for scholarships, salaries, and wage increase, according to Jamandre.

Jamandre revealed that in the next six months, Orion will install good quality solar panels to roofs and grounds of Silliman campus investing on a total cost of P100,000,000 and managing the risk to carry the strength of typhoon.

Once the roofs are covered with solar panels, it will automatically reduce the heat inside the rooms thereby keeping the temperature level at low.

SU President Malayang explained that part of their social responsibility is to identify 240 poor households as recipients of  free solar lighting from this project.

Silliman will identify the households residing within the community. (rmn/lpp/PIA7/Negros Oriental/This article was first published at PIA Website on Jan. 20, 2016)


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