Diocesan Electoral Board strengthens presence in social media to raise awareness on CHAMP elections

By Roi Lomotan

DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA) – The Diocesan Electoral Board (DEB) of the Diocese of Dumaguete is strengthening its presence in social media to intensify the campaign for a clean, honest, accurate, meaningful and peaceful (CHAMP) 2016 elections.

DEB is a non-partisan citizen’s arm that promotes CHAMP elections in Dumaguete City and in the province of Negros Oriental and its members are the Commission on Elections (COMELEC), Parish Pastoral Council for Responsible Voting (PPCRV), National Movement for Free Elections (NAMFREL), PIA and other church based groups.

DEB FB page administrator Peter Macabinguil presents DEB's Facebook page to members of local press.
DEB FB page administrator Peter Macabinguil presents DEB’s Facebook page to members of local press.

On Wednesday, the DEB re-launched its Facebook (FB) page which is part of their strategy to ensure CHAMP elections and to promote the “One Good Vote” campaign.

Msgr. Julius Heruela, lead convener of DEB disclosed the FB page will be a platform for information dissemination on election updates and voter’s education.

DEB FB page administrator Peter Macabinguil said one significant feature of the page is the “use app” button which directs mobile internet users to Google Play site where they can download the “One Good Vote” application.

Macabuinguil added that his team is working on another application what will enable Dumagueteños and other Negrenses to report modes of election violations.

He explained that there will be “anonymous” section in the page so that the identity of those reporting any incident election violation will be protected.

Macabinguil adds that this update will be installed at the FB page come January 2016 or by the time the election period starts.

There is also a plan to upload manuals, photos and instructional videos on how to vote for first time voters at the DEB FB page.

The DEB is inviting the public to like their Facebook page at www.facebook.com/DEBDioceseofDumaguete.

On the other hand, the DEB also promoted the “One Good Vote” application for smartphones.

The application is developed by PPCRV for their “One Good Vote” campaign which was also launched in Dumaguete City recently.

Through the application users have access to election manuals, election news and a quick link to PPCRV sites.

With this, the group hopes that the voting population especially the youth will be empowered in the next elections.

Msgr. Heruela believes that these new  developments will lead to “strengthening the personal and social consciousness of people by voting and rejecting all forms of vote buying.” (mbcn/ral/PIA7-Negros Oriental/This article was first published at PIA website on Sept. 17, 2015)

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