New DOE circular amends criteria for elec. Coop’s BOD

By Roi Anthoni Lomotan

LA LIBERTAD, Negros Oriental (PIA) – A new circular from the Department of Energy (DOE) amends certain provisions of the Implementing Rules and Regulations (IRR) of Republic Act 10531 which makes the qualification for sitting board of directors of an electric cooperative less strict.

This was announced by an official of the Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative (NORECO-I) in a recent Kapihan forum here on the electric cooperative’s district election and electrification issues.

NORECO-I will again conduct elections for the Board of Director (BOD) post in three districts namely La Libertad, Vallehermoso and Bais City.

Lynn Manlalangit, Manager of Institutional Services Division of NORECO-I, said DOE department circular 2014-09-0017 revises the criterion on being a member of the electric cooperative with good standing as stated in the IRR.

“A member of good standing shall mean that said member has no unsettled or outstanding obligations to the electric cooperative weather personal or through commercial or industrial connection, three months prior to the filing of certificate of candicacy,” Manlalangit disclosed.

In the previous criteria, those who are interested to run for BOD must be a member of the cooperative with good standing at least five years before the election.

An unsettled our outstanding obligation refers to an account which has not been paid within 7 days after the due date.

Manlalangit noted that this is a welcome development and an advantage to those members of the cooperative who are interested to become part of the policy-making body of the cooperative.

She explained that the previous criterion was also a big concern even to other electric cooperatives because a lot of the candidates for BOD position have been disqualified due to the 5-year requirement.

The department circular came out last September 1, 2014.

However, for those incumbent BODs who will seek re-election, outstanding or unsettled obligations deemed to include power bills, cash advances, disallowances, including the NEA audit findings and materials and equipment issuances reckoned from the time of filing of certificate of candidacy.

Even though the criterion on good standing has been revised, an interested party must be able to meet other qualifications set by law to be an eligible candidate for the position.

These include a graduate of any 4-yerar couse, at least 21 yers old but not over 70 years old on the date of the election, must be of good moral character, a resident of the district he/she represents and has been attending Annual General Membership Assemblies (AGMAs).

In addition, he/she and his/her spouse do not hold any public office and has not been a candidate in the last preceding local or national elections. Those mentioned are some of the important qualifications for those who want to run for the BOD position of the electric cooperative.

Meanwhile, NORECO-I has already set the date for the elections of the earlier mentioned districts. Election for La Libertad will be on March 14, Bais City on March 7 and Vallehermoso on March 21.

Deadline for filing of certificate of candidacies is on Feb. 25, Mar. 4 and March 11 for Bais City, La Libertad, and Vallehermoso, respectively. (rmn/ral/PIA7-NegOr/This article was first published at PIA website on Jan. 27, 2015)


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