DTI-NegOr pushes green economy to MSMEs


DUMAGUETE CITY (PIA)– In an effort to enable the micro small medium enterprises (MSMEs) in Negros Oriental to turn environmental challenges into business opportunities, the Department of Trade & Industry (DTI) here recently spearheaded a ‘greening learning visit’ to universities.

The MSMED Council members visited St. Paul University-Dumaguete (SPUD) to observe its greening school practices with glassphalt pathway, eco-sanitation facilitation and as champion in solid waste management.

The university continues its goal to zero waste by reducing as much as possible the burning of garbage by promoting the recycling of trash and the innovative use of recycled materials.

The SPUD also practices organic farming in an on and off campus where its demonstration farm with high-breed livestock and vegetables located at Barangay Calo in San Jose town.

Promoting healthy environmental practices that significantly contributed to its business sustainability, Foundation University (FU) is producing coco sugar at FU Farm Barangay Tandayag, Amlan town.

FU’s coco sugar market demand is increasing in the light of the health benefits as it also practicing converting organic wastes into organic fertilizer.

According to DTI provincial director Javier Fortunato the visit is an offshoot of the Greening Opportunities for MSMEs Seminar held last month.

DTI is partnering with GIZ on a program called Promotion of Green Economic Development or PROGED http://greeneconomy.ph/.

The objective of PROGED is for MSMEs, as well as government institutions relevant to economic development, increasingly implement environment friendly, climate smart and inclusive strategies and measures.

“Since all offices and MSMEs need to do more “greening”, we want to observe and learn from SPUD and FU how they practice greening especially in the areas of waste management, water efficiency, energy efficiency, natural resource management, green transport and supply chain,” said Fortunato. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental/Article first published at PIA Web on Aug. 6, 2014))


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