Crime volume decreases in NegOr


NEGROS ORIENTAL (PIA)–The Philippine National Police (PNP)-Negros Oriental reported yesterday an 8.22 percent decrease in crime volume from January to July 2014 compared to the same period last year during the Provincial Peace & Order Council meeting.

Negros Oriental Provincial Police Office director, Senior Superintendent Mariano Natuel Jr., showed a comparative crime volume decreased with 510 incidents or from 6,201 recorded in 2013 to 5,691 incidents in both index and non-index crimes this year.

Index crimes decreased by 110 incidents or 3.52 percent while non-index crimes reduced by 400 incidents or 13.01 percent.

The most prevalent index crime is theft with 1,148 incidents or 38 percent, followed by physical injury of 1,126 or 37 percent, robbery which is 128, and carnapping with 97 incidents.

While the prevalent non-index crimes are violation of special laws such as the RA 9165 or Anti-Illegal Drugs with 252 drug personalities arrested and 497.22 gram of shabu, 350.82 marijuana leaves and 10 plants confiscated with a total value of P5,719,982, Col. Natuel reported.

Under Republic Act (RA) 9287, or campaign against illegal gambling, the police force arrested 125 persons and total bet money confiscated at P77,594.

Campaign against loose firearms or RA 8294, the PNP arrested 78 persons and recovered and confiscated 130 firearms and 21 explosives.

Col. Natuel said as a result of their intensified campaign against illegal drugs, it is still much safer living and doing business in Negros Oriental.

Police visibility is one of the responses made by the local police stations to address reported crime cases.

Meantime, the crime statistics in 2013 and 2014 rose compared in 2012 after the PNP national headquarters mandated to include the minor crimes and offenses in the barangays in the police record. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental/Article first published at PIA website on Aug. 6, 2014)


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