Dumaguete City gov’t encourages unemployed to take freelance jobs online

DUMAGUETE CITY, May 3 (PIA) – The City Government of Dumaguete is encouraging those who are unemployed but who have background on Information and Communications Technology (ICT) to consider taking freelance jobs online.

The call is made to help people who are not employed in call center companies but are interested to join the Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) Industry, as well as the jobless to gain employment.

Since the establishment of call center companies in Dumaguete City, around 8, 000 people were given employment.

However, a vast number of the residents here are still unable to work for these companies due to various reasons like inability to adapt to shifting schedules or other responsibilities.

This is the reason why the city government recommends freelance online jobs to those unemployed but with skills and knowledge on ICT.

Dumaguete City Administrator William Ablong explained that through online freelance jobs, one gets to be the employer and employee at the same time.

The city government, in cooperation with ICT Dumaguete and the provincial office of the Department of Trade and Industry (DTI), conducted recently a seminar on “Online work for freelancers” last May 2.

The seminar aims to gather ICT graduating students, unemployed computer literates, and the underemployed to inform them about the job opportunities as well as the benefits of working as web freelancers.

The seminar also focuses on teaching the participants how to build their own profile, how to win projects, how to manage clients, how to manage their own income, and how to withdraw earnings.

The city government has brought representatives from Elance.com, a company similar to Odesk which is a marketplace for sales and services or a platform where clients and freelancers sign up, meet and enter to a project.

Ron Cirujano, Country Manager of Elance in the Philippines, said a web freelancer can earn a salary of $3 per hour if he/she gets a project.

In an hourly work scheme, web freelancers download a software that they will install in their computers.

This software randomly takes pictures of them while working and sends it to their employer to prove they are on duty.

On the other hand, the fixed rate work scheme is similar to project based type of work.

Web freelancers are paid depending on the rate of the project.

Aside from the basics of the web freelance jobs, the seminar will also teach possible web freelancers how to pay their taxes.

“We cannot really force our members to pay their taxes but we can inform them. It has something to do with RMC55-2013, which requires all professional people working online to be treated as an actual business,” Cirujano said.

With this, City Administrator Ablong hopes ICT graduates in the city will be enticed to work in this field and gain employment.

Meanwhile, ICT Dumaguete Executive Director Danah Fortunato also expressed the organization’s commitment to help the city government in providing jobs to the people.

“ICT Dumaguete is committed in bringing more jobs. They don’t have to be big call centers but they can be anything online,” Fortunato said. (rmn/RAL/PIA7-NEGOR)


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