EDC’s latest team up for BINHI tree planting


VALENCIA, Negros Oriental (PIA) — SPi Global, Inc. and Balugo Elementary School have become the Energy Development Corporation’s (EDC) latest official ‘BINHI Greening Legacy’ partner as their representatives planted ­­­30 premium endangered native ‘BINHI-Tree for the Future’ seedlings in Balugo Elementary School, Valencia town recently.

According to EDC’s Community Partnerships Chief for Negros, Norreen Bautista the joint project in Balugo Elementary School will not be only be an ordinary tree park but one that is unique as it will host the country’s most endangered, most premium among 3,000 native Philippine trees.

“We are very proud to host the collection of rescued tree species,” Bautista said.

The planted area is expected to be an educational venue for the students, the scientific community and even tree enthusiasts.

The tree planting activity was done as part of the entire SPi Global, Inc.’s annual global Corporate Social Responsibility Day.

“This partnership with SPI Global and the public school aim to reach out and help the community to enhance the environment during this SPI Global’s CSR Day,” Bautista explained.

BINHI Tree for the Future is one of four modules under EDC’s BINHI Greening Legacy program that aims to rescue and secure the gene pool of premium, endangered native tree species.

EDC will plant 1,000 hectares per year for ten years under its BINHI program.

SPi Global Dumaguete led by operations manager Ma. Leonilyn Ecleo and Balugo Elementary School teachers and students led by their principal, Veronica Sarita planted Mangkono, Almaciga, Kalingag, Betis, Kalantas and Ipil–six of the 96 premium, indigenous species that EDC prioritized.

EDC’s Bautista, Watershed Management Head Abba Grace Sanchez and CSR Officer Nino Gibe were also present to guide them on the proper ways of planting the delicate premium, endangered native trees.

SPi Global, Inc., Balugo Elementary School and EDC have signed a BINHI Tree for the Future Partnership Commitment to define their respective roles and ensure that the trees they have planted will grow and bear fruit.

EDC provided the seedlings and training while the school provided the area where they were planted.

SPi Global and Balugo Elementary School have committed to provide long-term protection, monitoring and quarterly maintenance of their BINHI area.

SPI Global, Inc. is one of the top Business Process Outsourcing companies in the country today. From its record of 25,000 employee volunteer hours per year, it targets to reach a new record high of 50,000 volunteer hours this year from its workforce in the US, India, Vietnam and the Philippines. (mbcn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental)


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