Diocese of Dumaguete undergoes disaster preparedness with SmartComm

By: Jennifer C. Tilos


DUMAGUETE CITY, Feb. 4 (PIA) — About 100 clergy and parish pastoral leaders of the Diocese of Dumaguete are taking an active role in disaster risk reduction management by undergoing a disaster preparedness training today sponsored by the Smart Communications.

Bishop Julito Cortes of Diocese of Dumaguete said there’s a need to boost efforts to help ensure the safety and readiness of the community- parishioners during calamities by applying disaster preparedness and climate change adaptation programs.

In a press conference, Bishop Cortes called on the parish priests from the south municipality of Basay to Jimalalud town of the north of Negros Oriental and Siquijor provinces as part of the coverage of the Diocese, to actively participate in the training to help prepare the vulnerable communities before the calamity occurs.

For her part, Atty. Maria Jane Paredes of Smart Communications said that “as part of our social responsibility we support Diocese’ move to train the priests on disaster preparedness, since the church is an effective medium to achieve an effective information dissemination.”

While the church is the refuge of the community during disaster, it might as well provide them some awareness to mitigate the impact of the disaster, said Atty. Paredes.

However, Bishop Cortes said there is still a need to collaborate with local government in other aspect of disaster response management.

The training underscores the importance of identifying the risks or hazards and threats and mitigating them appropriately.

Dr. Cedric Daep, a consultant from the United Nations Development Programme and Japan International Cooperation Agency, said this is for the priest- participants to also educate and prepare the would be victims in the community, not just the disaster responders.

“Preparedness is always better than response, when it comes to disaster,” said Dr. Daep. (rmn/JCT/PIA7-Negros Oriental)


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