Elec. Coop urges consumers to report incidents of pilferage

By Roi Anthoni B. Lomotan

CANLAON CITY, Negros Oriental (PIA) – The Negros Oriental Electric Cooperative (NORECO-I) urges its consumers to report any incidents of pilferage or illegal electric activities in their area.

NORECO-I General Manager Jose Juvileo Acabal pointed out that these acts contribute to an increased systems loss experienced by the electric cooperative.  Systems loss puts additional charges in the consumer’s electric bills, he said.

In a previous report, Acabal said their Anti-Pilferage and Anti-Theft Team always received reports on illegal electric activities. He added that 40 persons have been fined after being caught involved in these acts.

Acabal said that those report any incident of pilferage or illegal tapping can receive a P500 monetary reward and 20 percent discount on their electric bills.

The NORECO general manager stressed that systems loss charges can be lessened if the consumers continue to report any illegal electric activities.

Acabal made that appeal to their consumers after complaints on high systems loss charge.

Aside from pilferage and other illegal electric activities, NORECO officials also explained to their consumers other causes of sytems loss.

“Systems loss is power loss,” said Engr. Ronald Visagas, Operations and Maintenance Supervisor of NORECO-I as he elaborated the key factors that contribute to increased systems loss.

Visagas said that a certain percentage of electricity they bought from power suppliers are consumed even before they get to households. These are the actual losses of the electric cooperative.

Visagas added that losses can come from long electric lines and 24-hour electric transformers which also consume electricity and from stuck-up connection or meters that don’t record the actual electric consumption of a household.

He said that the power they bought from three energy suppliers are subtracted to the total consumer consumption. The difference is the actual systems loss of the electric cooperative.

The actual systems loss will then be divided to the total generation charge and the result will be the percentage of systems loss which is converted to systems loss charge which the consumers pay.

Visagas however clarified that they are only allowed by the National Electrification Administration (NEA) to charge 13 percent or lower to their consumers.

NORECO-I General Manager Acabal added that the electric cooperative only charge 12 to 12.60 percent systems losses to their consumers.

However, he assured that no one is exempted in paying systems loss charges. Even NORECO-I employees pay the said additional rate in their electric bills.

On the other hand, the electric cooperative announced that two sitios in Canlaon City will be energized within the year under the government’s Sitio Electrification Program.

The NORECO-I, in coordination with the PIA-NegOr Infocen, conducted series of Kapihan Forums in four towns under its coverage areas to update its consumers on the developments of the government’s electrification program and to answer electrification issues. (mbcn/RAL/PIA7-Negros Oriental)


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